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:heart: Welcome one and all to my gallery. Featuring my various OCs, fanart, gift art, crossovers, yaoi and other things that I love! Enjoy! :heart:


My favorites which features work from many talented artists whom I admire and look up to! You guys constantly help me improve and inspire me so this is your corner of my world! :dalove:



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Angel of Death
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

:rose:Hello! My name is Seth and I thank you for visiting my gallery! :rose:

I enjoy art in its various forms! But I am a traditional artist by trade using mostly markers and colored pencils. I am also a writer as well so please take a moment to look at my stories too. The list of my fanfics is provided below.

:bulletblue: Please have a look around, enjoy yourself! I hope to hear from you soon! :bulletblue:

Current Residence: Back in CT,.. for now
Personal Quote: Life is what we make of it

Art for Sale! Support me!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 27, 2013, 3:52 PM

I've been putting a lot of thought into it lately and all I know is that I want to sell my work. I love art, I'll never stop and it would be nice to make it my full time job because I can't see myself doing anything else. I know that there are a lot of great artists on DA but I like to think that I'm pretty good. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm certainly no slouch!

So this is a message to all my watchers! As of now, I'm going to start selling artwork I produce. And I want to know what exactly you want me to create. Should I make prints or just sell the original products? And of course everything will be reasonably priced.

Therefore, I would love it if you could help support my dreams. Whether you decide to buy something or even spread the word to your friends, I would greatly appreciate the help!

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: My Playlist
  • Drinking: Root Beer

Favorite Music Videos/Fan Trailers


Mercy in Darkness [Dance of Fire and Ice trailer]

Already Over [Allen Walker]

Pieces [Spock/Kirk]

Sex and Diamonds [Edward Cullen/Harry Potter]

Twilight [Edward Cullen/Sam Winchester Trailer]

Shattered Ones [Zero Kiriyu/Ciel Phantomhive]

Dreams Will Be Unified [Sam Winchester/Xander Harris]

I'm Still Here [Xander Harris]

Before the Dawn [Heero/Duo]

A Beautiful Lie [Sasuke/Naruto]

Bad Romance [Castiel/Dean]

Broken [Sylar/Danny][Blind Heroes Series]

Pieces [Sylar/Danny] [Blind Heroes Series]

Modern Myth [Sylar/Danny] [Blind Heroes Series]

Weapon [Mukuro/Tsuna]

Ki-ki-kiss me! [Castiel/Dean]

A Study in Time [BBC Sherlock/Doctor Who Trailer]

The Red [Naruto Uzumaki]

New Start [Spock/Kirk]

Koe [KHR Mukuro-Hibari/Tsuna]

Field of Innocence [Dean Winchester]

Somewhere [What Dreams May Come video]

Go.Back.To.Sleep [Supernatural]

Fireflies [Katekyo Hitman Reborn]

My Immortal [Spock/Kirk]

Hurricane [Dean/Castiel]

Bury Me [KHR Hibari/Tsuna]

Caress of Despair [Ulquiorra/Grimmjow]

The Call [Star Trek]

Cosmic Love [Spock/Kirk]

We Are [James T. Kirk]

Hero [Star Trek]

Extraterrestrial [Spock/Kirk]

Kirk's Song [Spock/Kirk]

Worlds Collide [Sylar/Dean Winchester]

Mojo Witchcraft [Sebastian Michaelis/Allen Walker]

Not Invisible, Not Silent [Katekyo Hitman Reborn]

This is War [Katekyo Hitman Reborn]

Meant to Live [Star Trek]

Worn Out Places [Homestuck]

He's Never Going Home [HetaOni]

Uninstalled [HetaOni]

Karkat's Song [John/Karkat]

Never Alone [Spock/Kirk]

Dangerous Mind [Uraboku]

O, Death [Constantine/Castiel]

Rescue Me [Psiioniic/Sufferer, Sollux/Karkat]

Sweet Dreams [Eric Northman/Sam Winchester]

Everybody Loves Me [Jake English]

You Are Never All Alone [Dolorosa & Sufferer/Kanaya & Karkat]

30 Minutes [Soubi/Ritsuka]

Forget [Spock/Kirk]

The Lonely Assassins Trailer [Superwholock]

The Hunger Games [Superwholockin]

Seven Devils [Superwholock]

This is War [Superwholock]

Kings and Queens [Homestuck Kids]

Another Place and Time [Spock/Kirk]

Through the Wire [Dirk/Jake]

Flare [Dirk/Jake]



Dance of Fire and Ice Trilogy (Twilight/Naruto crossover)

Lost and Found Arc
Life and Death Arc
Salvation and Damnation Arc

Black Birds Series (KHR/HP crossover)

Black Birds
The Cloud Guardian's Wizard
Of Ravens and Skylarks

Heaven and Hell Saga (Kuroshitsuji/D.Gray-man crossover)

Medicinal Love by: sydsyd1134
Monochrome Love
King of Black, Queen of White and Prince of Gray
Shades of Gray

Look to the Stars (ST:09/HP crossover)

Child of the Stars (ST:09/HP crossover)

Soul Mate (SPN/Naruto crossover)

Price of a Soul (Kuroshitsuji/HP crossover)

Cosmic Love (Star Trek:09/Naruto crossover)

Dark Waltz (Bleach/HP crossover)

Promise of a Lifetime (Thundercats 2011/Naruto crossover)


WIP Fanfictions


Of Ravens and Skylarks (KHR/HP crossover)

Pairings: Hibari/Harry, Mukuro/Tsuna

Summary: Black Birds verse. Relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are never easy especially if you're Hibari Kyouya, Cloud Guardian of Vongola Decimo and Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World. A look into the life and relationship between a raven and a skylark as they deal with crazy friends, family, enemies, nosy wizards, mafia and magic. Not to mention curbing the occasional urge to kill each other or jump each other's bones. Just another normal day in Harry and Hibari's hectic and not-so-normal life.

Child of the Stars: Sequel to Look to the Stars (Star Trek:09/HP crossover)

Pairings: Spock/Harry/Kirk, mentions of Scotty/Uhura and Sulu/Chekov

Summary: After an accident on the planet Ratar during negociations, Harry is critically injured and is treated by the Ratarians whose medicial skills are known to be one of the best in the universe. However, there's one little problem; the Ratarians are hermaphrodites. When they fix Harry up, no one realizes that the Ratarians added an extra something to the wizard that wasn't there before. A few months later, all hell breaks loose when Harry, Spock and Jim discover that they are soon to be parents. Things are about to get interesting on the Enterprise.

Dark Waltz (Bleach/Harry Potter crossover)

Pairing: Ulquiorra/Harry

Summary: In a universe where Orihime Inoue never existed, who will become the vessel of power? Aizen has always held a fascination for the Wizarding World as he observed it from afar for years. But none held his interest more than a powerful young wizard by the name of Harry Potter; a human with not only strong magic, but an ability that defies even God himself. Laying a trap, Aizen seeks out Harry and offers him a deal; join his ranks or watch his friends and his world burn. Knowing the choice he must make, Harry sacrifices himself and is taken away to Hueco Mundo. Now he must learn to survive his prison full of monsters and endure the alluring presence of Aizen's most loyal servant, the Cuarto Espada Ulquiorra Schiffer.


Upcoming Fanfictions


Guns, Wings and Wands (SPN/HP crossover)

Pairings: Dean/Harry/Castiel, Sam/Luna/Gabriel

Summary: Raising a family isn't easy in normal circumstances. But when your family consists of hunters, angels, a wizard and a witch, it's down right chaotic. But the Winchesters manage it somehow as they fight the good fight while juggling jobs, kids and bills. The Apocalypse may be over, but the battle is far from won for this group of misfits.

Memento Mori (KHR/Naruto crossover)

Pairings: Mukuro/Naruto, Hibari/Tsuna, Itachi/Dino, Alaude/Giotto, Sasuke/Hinata, Gaara/Chrome?

Summary: The war between vampires and demons has come to an end after many centuries. To seal the truce, Naruto of the Fire Fox Demon clan finds himself engaged to Mukuro Rokudo, heir to one of the most powerful vampire covens in the world. But if it isn't bad enough that he has to deal with his strange and perverted fiance, Naruto has to struggle with the fact that someone is trying to kill him as well. After all, there are those who oppose the truce and will stop at nothing to prevent it.

The Demon and the Clown (Kuroshitsuji/D.Gray-Man crossover)

Pairing: Sebastian/Allen

Summary: A series of oneshots featuring the pairing of Sebastian Michaelis and Allen Walker; plots and settings vary.





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